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Jive Politness: Youth Talking About Manners, Morals and Respect

The Behavior Academic Development Services designed this instructional program, on “Manners, Morals, and Respect,” to allow youth to discuss good manners in the real world, and learn the do’s and don’ts in a fun and interesting way. The objectives are to give examples of good manners in social situations, and to apply etiquette in various social settings, such as at home, in school, church, and publicly.

Although, the curriculum encompasses various aspects of the three “R’s”, the program focus is however on the fourth R merits, which stands for respect. The curriculum presents essential information and skills through a focus on three core areas: Lesson One: Manners, Lesson Two: Morals, and Lesson Three: Respect. Students will receive a training informational package with handouts for all lessons.

Manners, morals, and respect are the foundation for positive developmental traits in youth. Today’s youth and our society have forgotten about the true value of good manners, morals, and respect. Today’s youth believe that violence and conflict are the only traits available in the resolution of conflict.With growing demands on teachers’ time, teaching students manners, morals, and respect is a rare priority. Why do you think that society has allowed pride and disobedience to run rampant in the lives of children?

Disrespect is at an all time high at home, in the streets and publicly. Since when did it become okay or the norm for youth to blatantly disrespect parents, people they come in contact with, leadership, and most of all themselves?

The goals of the program are to institute and teach a curriculum on the etiquette of manners, morals, and respect to all youth in elementary, middle, and high school grades, in order to instill social confidence, accountability, and acceptability in their daily lives.

Youth, will learn that manners, morals, respect and social etiquettes are very important developmental skills that are necessary for their future success.

Apart from learning one’s ABC’s math and science skills, the well rounded students also needs to develop his or her social awareness skills. The basis for this development is manners. Manners set the parameters with which people deal with one another. As students embark upon their journey into adulthood the first impressions they leave behind will ultimately be the deciding factor of any successful integration into society.

A child without adequate knowledge of manners will flounder, and when this happens a child becomes defensive and resort to anti-social behavior to assert his/her independence and self-esteem. Another reason that mannerism communication should be taught to students has to do with the business implication of their future professional lives. A child’s future may very well depend on how successful they interact with people and manners and communication play very critical roles as the cornerstones in the development of their social skills.
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