Jesus Children Bible Academy
Jesus Children Bible Academy (JCBA) founded in 1991, is a diverse
non denominational Christian educational "Bible Study Program." With God's grace, JCBA provides a biblical education program for youth twelve to eighteen years of age, in New Haven and surrounding areas based on Christian teaching. The program design promotes youth leadership, and guidance to youth seeking an understanding of spirituality, and their innermost strengths. The programs provide youths with the understanding they seek, as they study the scriptures, and learn about faith, purpose, ability, and being responsive to themselves, family and community.
JCBA as a non-profit provides an instructive biblical, youth
leadership, mentor, and behavior guidance program. Our program objectives are to inspire spiritual awareness, cultivate manners, foster academic excellence, promote leadership and social economic achievements. Our Bible Study Program encourages and challenges youth to understand spiritual wisdom, respect, and their responsibility to God, themselves, and others.
Jesus Children Bible Academy provides youths with an enjoyable
biblical program that assist them each year, from September through May, in enhancing their spiritual, academic, and behavioral attributes. The JCBA Youth Summer Program is an enrichment program that trains youth in computer literacy, money management, development of entrepreneurial skills, and encourages them to have fun. The primary aspiration of all Jesus Children Bible Academy programs is to support the enhancement of youth, and their communities' quality of life initiatives.
What Is JCBA?
JCBA Youth Leadership Program
The primary purpose of the JCBA Youth Leadership Program (JCBA-YLP), is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of youth, about how leadership skills relate to their spiritual and diversed development. JCBA-YLP youths apply leadership skills as they grow in their spiritual understanding of faith, beliefs, respect, responsibility to God, themselves, family and society.


The JCBA Youth Leadership Program (JCBA-YLP), provides an exciting, diversed, and enriching youth leadership program, that's governed and administered by youth. The program's youth philosophy is that "Youth should encourage, and challenge youth to lead youth." JCBA-YLP youths nurture and develop their leadership potential as individuals, and a team. Youth teams plan, develop, and implement all programs and projects together. Youth train other youth in computer literacy, money management, development of entrepreneurial skills, etc., and take time to enjoy themselves.
The JCBA Youth Leadership Program promotes caring, sharing, and
peace. Youths hold discussion groups to talk about how they feel, and care about themselves, and others. JCBA-YLP youth share experiences, discuss their dreams, potentials, and future expectations. JCBA Youth programs inspire youths to inspire youths, believe in themselves, each other, and
their potential. JCBA-YLP promotes excellence, compassion, and peaceful regard toward others.


The Jesus Children Bible Academy Youth Leadership Program,
administration consists of the Youth Advisory Council, Youth Membership, Community Panel Members, and Executive Advisory Council. The JCBA Youth Advisory Council consists of youth from various communities. JCBA Youth Advisory Council and youth membership govern, and conduct all aspects of electing their Youth Advisory Council Officers and Committee Members. JCBA Executive Advisory Council, (President, Adjutant President and Vice President), facilitates the program. JCBA Youth Membership as a team assigns all roles of responsibility for the Youth Advisory Council, Committees, and Community Panel Members.
The JCBA Youth Leadership is supported by a Community Panel
consisting of parents, community leaders, instructors, and students.
Community Panel Members (CPM), serve as role models to the Youth
Membership, and provide them with scriptural, leadership, academic, and technical assistance. Community Panel Members (CPM), provides assistance and support to JCBA Youth Membership planning teams, in the implementation of, various programs and projects. Although, Community Panel Members can be supportive of the youth leadership and membership, brainstorm with them, and encourage their efforts, they can not make program decisions for the JCBA Youth Leadership Members. CPM does not have voting privileges.
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